Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No More Spam!!

Quick Announcement Guys,
I am compelled to put a word verification on my blog for those who want to leave comments now because, as you might have noticed, these farts keep posting all kinds of retarded ish on my posts and prolly gets routed to some of your emails and fones. In other to Mitigate this, we will have to endure the word verification for a while. I apologize for any inconveniences this might cause you.

lmao!! i no get work o! but anyway sha, u guys get the pikshure.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Week of 2010

You wont believe the week i have had! lmao
I cant even do anything but laff. I believe tho, that this week is going to be the worst week im going to have this year IJN!

So starting from Monday

Monday 01/04/2010:
Driving to work, I get pulled over by Victoria Police. He saw my tag and because my tag was purple instead of brown, he could tell that my registration had expired... He was really nice to me tho. i even talked myself out of having to leave my car there on the side of the road (thats what normally happens, car gets towed). But i got a ticket. He said he would let me go (cos i asked him if he could) but his camera has recorded my car and so he has to "process me". i got a ticket for $564. Went to work, tried not to be upset about the ticket (considering it was my fault) and managed to have a good day sha.

Tuesday 01/05/2010:
Didnt drive to work cos i didnt want to risk another ticket since i hadn't renewed my rego. So i drove to the train station 5 mins from my house. No, i didnt get another ticket. lol! it was misty that morning so i had to drive with headlights on. Got to the station in peace, got on the train and everything was good, except the walk from the train station to my office; an uphill walk of about 30 mins, lol. Work was okay that day tho; While i was there, i realized i could renew my rego online so i decided to go on with that. I paid $612 to do that. At least now, i can carry on driving to work. Work day over at 6pm and i take the train back to work, after a 30 minute downhill walk back to the station. When i got back to the station by my house, guess what i found.....Yep! Battery dead, i left my headlights on!!! WTF!!! Started looking for a mechanic to jump it for me, and i found one after like 20 mins. Drove home to drop my computer so i could head out to do some groceries, i had no food at home. I found out MY BATTERY WAS STILL FLAT!! (mind you, this is a new battery, 1 month old). So here i am stuck at home with a dead car and no food or any way to get out. i call around and somebody was supposed to come by to help me out... 3 hrs after he promised, he was no where to be found, not heard from him till today!! lmao. Went to bed hungry.

Wednesday 01/06/2010:
Had to walk to the train station at my house this time so i had to wake up like an hour earlier than normal. And i found out on this day that a 5 min drive is about 30 minutes of walking. lol! My work day was okay tho, except for the part where my boss kept sending me on an endless chase for the perfect PPT presentation. By the time i got back home in the evening, i had done a total of 2 hours of walking and 2 hours of train ride. but my car is still dead, so i walk around again for like 1 hour to find a mechanic thats still open at 7pm...obviously, a futile effort! Meanwhile, the chinese i ordered, for which i was charged $2 for delivery didnt arrive until like an hour later. I didnt even have grace to be mad. I just left the car there again and ate, and slept, with a plan not to go to work the next day. the blisters on my feet were pulsating as i drifted to sleep.

Thursday 01/07/2010:
While i was sleeping, i changed my mind and decided to go to work in the morning. (yes i think while i sleep) so i woke up and headed to work, didnt even think about my worries today, just did my work like i was supposed to. I have officially let everything go. Day went smoothly except at the end when my computer swallowed all the shit i spent about 4 hours doing. That happened about closing time so i just left it to fix it in the morning when i get back. Got a ride from work to the train station, and then my train gets held up for 45 mins cos of some nit-wits fighting on the train!! i stay calm, get home, order chinese, eat, and sleep. Pretty good day. I did notice my room looking like a pig-sty tho, i left all the stuff from my xmas/new year trip all over and cudnt be bothered. lol! oh, and somebody promised to come help me out with the car so i could drive to work tmaw, but cudnt show up eventually. I WASNT disappointed.

Friday 01/08/2010:
Woke up at the time when i shudda been at work!!! and i still had to walk to the train station and things. Ended up getting to work at almost 10am, and these damned aussie flies stayed in my face all the day! Anyways, work day is over now and i am heading home...Today has been good since i got to work sha. I have no expectations so there will be no disappointments.

Anyways, like i said, This will be my worst week of 2010 In Jesus Name.
Sorry about the post being a long thing jare. i just wanted to talk. lol

Im tweeting my blog now since everybody else is doing it, imma jump on the band wagon!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade

So i have had a hurricane in my head for the better part of the end of 2009, I do not think i have been so emotionally conflicted ever, but i managed to pull thru. I had support tho, and i thank God for the pple that were of help. They know themselves. The December 2009 was the culmination of all the mess and even tho i took a holiday, i really didnt. (i was in a really hot place btw, so i just satisfied myself with a vampire lifestyle, home all day, out all night. This kind of heat is not the let-me-get-sexy kind of heat. its the step-out-and-die kind. lol)
Anyways, so i made it into 2010 without losing my mind, even tho i came so damn close and so i have decided, No More!
2010 is the year where i begin to blow up, and is the start of the decade where i have a major lifestyle change for the better. therefore, there will be no more unneccesary headaches or pains. My BALLS, i take them back. My LIFE, im gonna enjoy it. I have learnt a few lessons and i wont be beaten d 3rd time. So, im directing all my energy into fruitful things like my MBA, career and a fucking settled future. No more ephemeral shit, no more trivialities, sentiments only get in your way guys, chuk it in d bin.
I wud suggest to others who might be having a hard time out there, i feel you and i think you shud just make a very very conscious decision to get out of the rut and get happy. Just do it.
Life is too short to spend time worrying and hurting over wishes. Action is the way to get ur realistic wishes.
I am really glad that i still have this medium, even tho i know i dont update very often. And i have to thank @solomonsydelle. she has been faithful on my blog even tho i have been less than reliable. Much love Mama Bomboy! lol
And to those retards advertising viagra and businesses on my posts as comments, i sincerely hope you die slow! real, real slow.
If by any slim chance, i get any new readers, thanks for coming out (in my mind now, this is my rant concert, lol) Stick around and I might show up with some real nice Melbourne/Australian Outback gist for ya!
see ya, cash ya, larra!!!
oh btw, im on twitter o www.twitter.com/incognaija

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fork It!!

Just as i thot i knew what i was dealing with, i see a new thing, a new facet of shit that faces me.
my head feels like a million hammers are banging inside it...my mind is racing with thots. Who said i dont analyze? lol
fork it!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Easily We Forget

I stumbled on emails from 2003 and decided to browse through my life story as told by my emails... It is amazing how my life has gone from one place to the other and then the next.
I saw emails that made me smile, frown, think, wish, remember...I am telling you, a lot can be learned for the future if we look back.
I saw how i changed, how other people in my life changed, how people came and left, what kinds of ass-holes i met and the nice and awesome pple that came thru as well.
I even saw an email where i was telling smbdy how a friend had called me from naija to ask for money and i said i was broke; he asked me "Why are you always broke?" lmao! imagine the retard...funny times.
I saw love notes, fight notes, funny gists, emails for no reasons (like while we talking on the phone), emails to plan trips...
I saw how politically active i was at a time on campus, i saw emails of classmates sending me homeworks and labs cos i was too lazy to do them myself, lol! I saw emails to my profs lying abt shit to get out of work i was supposed to do...I was such a nuisance in undergrad!! lmao
I saw a few praise-worthy deeds, a few misdeeds...
I have always known that life is not perfect, but i just got a good reminder that my life is certainly not perfect.
Through everything tho, i am still here, 6 years later, Many changes later, Still Standing...
God gets the credit for that.

I know i havent been here in a while, you guys dont know the half of whats been going on...I will gist you all in folds, its a very long thing, actually, a bunch of long things.
I will tell you one of the bigger ones tho, I moved from America to Australia...Yes i now live in the city of Melbourne...More coming up.

Good to be back...will begin my rounds on ur blogs in a bit...see ya there. lol

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pollywood: The next big thing...

Has anybody here heard about Sade OSU? Apparently, thats what she is now popularly known as.
Well, for those who dont know, lemme introduce you to the star of the very first Nigerian porn flick i ever saw. Yes, it was the first cos i saw another one right after it.
Anyways, so Sade OSU is this "sexually liberated" OSU student who took on a couple of guys in a battle of the Gonads, and had it documented and circulated.
The second one was apparently a Unilag babe who looked drugged and in my opinion, did not even know she was starring in a movie. I think the Lag ones got in trouble but lets go back to the OSU one.
My opinion is that if they wanted to make a flick like that, they should have made it well, setting, make-up and all. They just were so random about it, unorganized, the girl who was supposedly taking a shower decided to wash her ass on camera too so that soap wont enter her 'naughty place' during the act! that was just nasty. we did not need to see that. The guys were loud in the background and it took them a while to figure out what positions they wanted to do, mostly because i think the girl was high. She was not able to follow thru with anything...
I have to say tho, that she did have pretty awesone knockers...thats pretty much all i can say about our very own Sade OSU. She wasnt much to look at, so me i just focused on dem knockers which she spent a considerable amount of the time 'washing'. I really cant say much about the boys whose faces were conveniently excluded from the video.
I have not been in Naija for a while but i keep hearing about how my country has changed and is changing for the better. This is the latest one of the changes for the better. We now have a budding porn industry. wetin we go call that one naa, Pollywood? next thing we know, they start making the porn movies at the same rate as Nollywood (a movie is shot in a day and sometimes 2 movies concurrently!) and like Nollywood, Pollywood becomes the second largest porn movie industry after Hollywood! i swear, we r doing big things in Naija mehn. lol! i am so proud. I think i should invest in Pollywood now like Fred Amata and dem did in Nollywood so i can become a bigs boys too o.
Anyways, me i dont knock Sade OSU like some people are doing. I think she is only doing what she likes to do. Nobody can blame her or judge her so please LEAVE SADE OSU ALONE!!! lol
I was just thinking, what if she is a blogger? what if she is a blogger we all know and love? well then she will prolly read this and i am saying Kudos to you girl. Keep doing ur thing jare. you don discover ur own ministry, who are we to say otherwise?
As for the loser(s) who drug girls and tape them, or secretly tape girls while they r having sex with them, YOU ARE SOME NEVER-DO-WELL Losers. Fuck you.
For girls who are looking into a career in Pollywood, u might wanna holla at me cos i will be one of the behind the scene investors. i can sure get u a spot. and if u r a Nollywood drop-out also, u have a chance with us here at Pollywood.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Issues (running out of titles pple)

Did you know that Lagos is one of the most expensive cities in the World? It is ranked 30th far above Los Angeles in the 55th position, just ridiculous!! And considering that LA is more expensive than most places in Yankee, its even more ridiculous. Las Gidi, our very own Eko Ile has become Africa's version of Upper Eastside NY!!
I have been shopping for hotel accommodation in Naija for a while now, hotels on the island actually; most hotels in the area average about $300 a night and above, even the crappy ones!! Thats just retarded. i would have never thot they cost that much... on top wetin? I have stayed in Las Vegas for a week for less or a little more than that, and NO! it was not hotel jangozo. lol! it was a good hotel on the strip sef.

Anyways, i have 2 options
- We can pass the offering basket around blogville so you all can donate and we can make this happen, a trust fund of sorts. I know Smaragd (my new blogboo) just got a new job so she can jump this off.
- If you have any information on better rates, holla at me.

in recent news...

The pastor of a church in Illinois was shot to death in the middle of service in front of his church members on sunday, can you imagine that? i mean, what will i do if my pastor was in the middle of a sermon...and then gunshots and pastor is down and out? It reminds me of a story i heard from my Uncle. They got robbed in church during a night vigil; the thieves said that if they had been paying their tithes, they wont be here! and when the robbers asked for the pastor, Omo, pastor denied in front of the whole congregation!! lmao!! if na you nko? My own question is "where are we safe now?" if we can get got in the house of God, where can we run to? if only one of these pastors will call down fire on these fools that disrespect the house of God... MSCHEW!!!

on a lighter note, I heard these 'yo momma' jokes, i just had to share..

1. Yo momma so old, they told her to act her age, so she died!!

2. Yo momma so fat, her driver's license says "picture continued on the other side"!!

3. Yo momma so fat, when she goes to the movies, she sits next to everybody!!

4. Yo momma so ugly, when she was born her mother said "what a treasure!!" and her father said "yes, lets go bury it!"

5. Yo momma so skinny, she turned sideways and disappeared!!

6. Yo momma so old, her social security number is 1!

7. Yo momma so old, she was a waitress at the last supper!!

ok, i need to stop. if you have any good ones, lets see 'em.

You guys, dont forget o, i need hookups on hotel info in naija that wont cost me my whole year's salary...that or a you could just write me a check.